Fintrek Marketing Story


Fintrek Marketing is one of the fastest growing direct sales agency in UAE, founded by Aamir Yousuf. Fintrek Marketing offers a wide range of service to banks and financial institutes in UAE. We are specialized in personal loan, financing and credit card sales. Our company is based on the principles of customer satisfaction, teamwork and excellent service that support equally to our client to achieve their goals.

Fintrek marketing has tied up with multiple Commercial and Islamic Banks. Our footprint connects emerging and high growth markets with more established financial economies, granting us a channel partner.

We are official channel partners of

We provide one-stop solution for your financial needs. We act as a bridge between bank and customer in getting finance for you.
If you are looking for personal loan then we can facilitate loans through best bank with nominal interest rate in UAE. You do not need to leave your office or home to process the loan we will visit you and complete the processing.

Apply a credit card free for life with easy application process that makes every day spends more rewarding, swipe anywhere & pay with a tap. We know that you want to have a credit card that's as easy-to-use and that we will assist you.

You can buy your dream home or fulfil your child education or urgent requirement of cash through Fintrek Marketing with easy application process.

From financial consultancy to marketing, sales to service our industrial experience is something we feel pleased about and the service we provide, will show what we believe and value. We are a team of bankers with no boundaries, just legitimacy and liability.

Welcome Words by Our Founder

"Welcome to Fintrek Marketing. We have started Fintrek Marketing in 2014 with one office and 8 staff. In 7 years now we operate from 7 different locations in UAE with more than 200 staff. We are the company that has reformed as an institute where young and energetic staff trained on quality and compliance. We refine them to be mature banker within short span of time.

Our Staff has solid work ethics and desire to succeed. Positive culture, enthusiasm and learning environment energise everyone to create impact. It can be impact on customers because of excellent service. Impact on employees, by helping to build their career and by seeing the satisfaction they get from doing their job well.

We are happy to serve you by providing best solution to your financial needs. Appreciate if you give us a chance to us to demonstrate our expertise.

Our slogan is "Mastering services"

Core Competencies

Our company core competencies are the combination of pooled knowledge and technical capacities that allow business to manage complex requirements of our clients. We establish a footprint while gaining solid reputation and brand image.

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Leadership lead by example, build relationships, motivate and inspire people. Accountable for development of staff and share knowledge to support them.

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We build strong technology infrastructure and keep updated.

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Client Focus

Keep customers at heart of activities in order to deliver a positive experience through understanding their needs and strengthening relationship.

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Risk Management

Proactive identification and monitoring of risk. Mitigate through understanding of risk, escalate and adherence to policies, procedure and practices.

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Result Orientation

The ability to focus on the desired result of company or associate's work, setting challenging goals, focusing effort on the goals, and exceeding them.

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Fintrek as well a maneuver of institute, offers unabridged training for the young sales person and devises an elite talent to the banking sector to meet the industrial demands.