Fintrek Marketing is a premier financial and marketing consultant. Dedicated towards customer services in various channels of financial services.

Consumer Services

We help clients accomplish financial objectives by assessing financial situation, developing and presenting financial strategies and plans, monitoring changes in financial status and life circumstance.

We are skilled and knowledged in consumer finance. We provide solutions by offering advice on financial products that cover the different requirements of client.

Corporate Financing

We assist and facilitate financial products to companies for the growth of their business, perfect financial strategies are designed for company's success. If the need is for financial support, we assist them.

We provide best solution to our corporate customer. These financial solutions organize them to fulfil their target we help them to obtain.

Marketing Consultancy

We work with companies to create and implement marketing strategies. These strategies are centered around the core of the business. Providing support in launching new products, and finding the best marketing consultancy and implementation.

Fintrek Marketing is one stop destination, our expertise provide detailed marketing plan and determine the marketing message. We follow up by identifying the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out to and conclude the operation by executing and implementing marketing strategy.

Debt Collection and Recovery

We will also help you to recover your unpaid debts, with a qualified team. We ensure that our clients’ needs are always met by providing fast, efficient and responsible service.

Our team contacts the debtor either by phone or mail with an overdue balance and often advises them of potential consequences if they fail to pay their debts.

We have worked with number of clients to recover outstanding debts of all sorts, including business debts, payday loans and personal loans.